Luxury Real Estate Marketing: Accentuate the Lifestyle

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As a luxury real estate marketing professional it is important to accentuate the lifestyle of your marketplace in your marketing materials. Think about the forms of recreation in your area and what people wear when they engage in these activities. This can be the inspiration to set the tone or the mood of your website design.

For example, when people from big cities fantasize about buying a second home in the wine country they seek to relax, unwind and indulge in culinary adventures. If they have a mountain retreat in mind it may be isolation that they crave or physical fitness from skiing or hiking. Alternatively, those thinking of purchasing a pied-a- terre in a bustling metropolis are looking for excitement, entertainment, the arts and shopping.

Setting the right mood on your website by accentuating the lifestyle invites visitors to stay longer because you have engaged their senses and their emotional needs. Choosing the right colors therefore, plays a more important role in web design than most realize.

There is an entire psychology of color that must be taken into consideration when designing your brand. Are you trying to sooth your visitors or pump their adrenalin? High-energy demands bright colors. Some colors can reduce your blood pressure other can agitate.

If people associate your marketplace with the nightlife, dressing up more than occasionally, you should seek a more formal feel. If people tend to dress down in your marketplace, then a more casual mood needs to be set. Expressing the transition from informal to formal can also be important. An example would be a golf and tennis community where it is more casual during the day, but more formal at night, at suppertime.

All these elements of lifestyle should be accentuated in your web design because in luxury real estate you are not just selling homes. You are selling experiences.


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